From January 2008

Kitty Cat Klub

Well, that was fun.
Thanks to Beatrix*Jar for inviting me, billmurray8 and dcontaminant and ethel and bitwise and omaha for coming, S4 for being awesome, my gear for cooperating, Tom the Sound Guy, and the Kitty Cat Klub for paying me both in some real money and also in just enough free booze to make it extra fun.

Also, there was Elvis pinball, and that never hurts.

New Toys!

One of the highlights of my weekend was participating in a circuit bending workshop with Beatrix*Jar. Besides bending being fun, B*J are awesome folks and fun to hang out with. I’d done a bit of bending before, but, having a refresher on both bending and soldering was really nice, and I learned a few things I didn’t know before. I’m excited to finish up my now-more-sonically-interesting Speak ‘n’ Math and debut it at the Spark festival.

Here are some photos!