From June 2012


I haven’t posted for a few weeks. It took me a bit to get back to my version of normal post-Northern Spark, and there was some traveling to visit family.

A friend of mine who came by to help troubleshoot during installation, was, unbeknownst to me, filming as I puzzled through some difficult issues with speaker assignments. When he is nearby, it is always as a soft spoken presence with a camera. I’d expected stills, but not video:

Observation Tape Deck – a process glimpse from strange puppy on Vimeo.

He also took some of what are now my favorite shots of the setup and the maintenance room.

It’s rare I find myself without a project, so, this weekend I’m hoping my first tentative steps into an interactive video for my favorite annual geek fest are a success. I’ll let you know!

Thanks to everyone involved in Northern Spark -organizers and volunteers and other artists alike- but especially the crew of people who helped me with my project and the staff of the W Hotel. I couldn’t have done it without you. I’d liked to have seen more of the festival, but it is a worthy tradeoff to be a participant. And, there is so much that it’s impossible to see everything, even when you have the whole night! Observation Tape Deck is the most complex thing I’ve ever made, and while it took longer and had more technical difficulties than expected, all in all it went quite well. I love this photo by Amy Gee. I rarely see the sky that color:

Sharon took this photo of me as the sun was coming up.

I am quite out of practice when it comes to staying up all night these days, and this photo does quite a good job not betraying how exhausted I am.




Getting close

Almost all the wiring is up today, enough for preliminary audio and light checks. Still some bugs to find and squash, but going quite well. Tired. Huge thanks to all my helpers!

Cables from above