From March 2008

MN Spin, 2x!!

MN Spin, a local music contest put together by the folks at, have selected TWO of my tracks for their upcoming compilation cd! I’m extra disappointed that I can’t make it to the listening party, as it’s the same night I’m playing roller derby.

The last round Dessa Darling of the Doomtree crew chose my track “Unexpected”. This round Kate Galloway chose “A Long Time”.

Thank you, ladies, I’m honored!


New photos!

Since I chopped off my dreadlocks, I’ve wanted to have some photos more representative of what I’m looking like these days. The lovely and talented Cole came to my studio for a shoot, and some of my favorites are now adorning these pages! Very exciting.

The Spark festival is in the rear view mirror, which means I can start to focus on a few other projects- the film score I’ve been working on is crawling to a close, and I haven’t forgotten about the album! There are also a few new live shows coming up in April and May- I’ll be playing as part of the Minneapolis vs. St. Paul show at Altered Esthetics and again for the Bent Festival in May.