From February 2008

Spark Fest ’08

The Spark Festival has been fun so far. Thanks to everyone who came out for my set at the Nomad on Wednesday! I haven’t been able to make it out to as many things as I’d like, but I did catch the interview with Richard Devine last night, which I enjoyed a lot. I love listening to artists talk about how they work, mostly because it’s so much fun to see people excited about what they love. A lot of it felt so familiar, as well: going to shows and scrutinizing what synthesizers were on stage, being introduced to music that changes how you think about sound, scouring music shops for new toys, getting lost in your headphones for hours on end. It also made me want to delve more into modular synths, though, from the video of his studio and from friends who have started their collections, I’m a little afraid of their addictive nature.

I’m planning on catching some more of the Nightlife sets and see what else is coming up. My favorite parts of Spark, almost more than the amazing breadth of art included, are the people and the vibe.

Also, Happy Leap Day! It always makes me think of Pirates of Penzance.


The Spark festival is almost here! This event is one of my favorite things in the Twin Cities- the breadth of the art and discussion here is really unique, from research papers to chamber style concerts to multimedia theatre to interactive installation to club style concerts. I’m performing for the Spark Nightlife series on Wednesday night, but check out their website for the full schedule. There is tons of stuff going on and almost everything is free and open to the public.

My set is on Wednesday night, February 27th at the Nomad World Pub. Music starts at 9, I go on about 10:45. 501 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis MN

Further down the road in May, I’m participating in the Minneapolis branch of the Bent Festival; I’ll post more details when I have them.