Hi! I like to make things.
Hi! I like to make things.

Hi! My name is Caly, and I’m an artist based in St. Paul, Minnesota. My newest works are interactive installations – environments of light and sound with which people can interact and play. I’m a programmer, musician and sound designer, and mash up classical saxophone and piano with live looping, synthesizers, and glitchy DIY electronic instruments. When I’m not busy making things, you might find me playing roller derby, wearing silly outfits, or spending too much time on the internet.

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I am an installation artist with a background in music and music technology, sound design, and composition. I find interest where lines blur between artistic disciplines, techniques, genres, and ideas; and enjoy exploring relationships between seemingly disparate elements. I’m inspired by the juxtaposition and merging of old with new; live with automatic; organic with electronic; and creator with audience. Common themes in my work include the mutable nature of memory and history; and alternate versions of the past, present and future. I’m influenced by various aesthetics of retrofuturism and science fiction.

My newest body of work is comprised of installations that incorporate sound, light, interactivity and indeterminacy. I create environments where something, a light or sound or activity, can change based on participant input. I am interested in interactive work as a way to challenge the notion that art is to be seen and not touched, and assumptions that technology, art, or creation in general are inaccessible or reserved for an elite.