The next thing

It is bittersweet that the year in the AoV program is winding down. Tonight the Soap Factory hosts the remaining three artist talks, and while I’ve gotten to know these artists and their projects quite well, I’m looking forward to listening. I felt like there was a cohesion that came together in how I thought about my piece after “living with it” in the gallery. I found it interesting, during Aaron’s talk last week, to get a sense of the reactions and questions from people who experienced the piece in its current form without a front-row seat during several months of our conceptualization and process of revision. I imagine it will be the same tonight with Drew and Mike and Anthony’s pieces.

But, it is also exciting to move on to the next thing. The next thing for me is a site-specific reboot of my current project for the Northern Spark festival – so, the same base, but very different in terms of location and logistics. It should be a fun challenge. I have my first site visit this afternoon.

Northern Spark was one of my favorite nights of the year last year, playing the headphone concert at the Walker before heading out into the night to experience what other people had come together to create. I’m excited to be a part of it again in a new way.