I’ve checked up on Status Update about once a week or so. I do this for a few reasons: to make sure things that can be buggy are still working, to restart it fresh so things are more likely to keep working, and other little maintenance tasks- and also to make copies of the collected recordings. One of my favorite things has been listening to recordings that have been left during the week. It’s kind of like opening presents on Christmas, only more unpredictable. What people have chosen to share can be introspective or sad or nonsensical, and at least one every time has made me laugh out loud.  It also turns into a kind of game to see if I can guess which question a recording is answering. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious, and for others I will never know for sure.

Here are a few samples:
Sample 1
Sample 2

And some good advice:
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5