more bent fest!

Video of a portion of my set from Bent fest! Not a bad snip, once I got comfy with the tech. 🙂 This was snagged from Talking Computron over at – great blog roundups of the whole festival and really great collections of vids and photos.

I have some more thoughtful/less promo-based blogs brewing- thoughts on bein’ a lady in a sub-sub-culture dominated by dudes (I’m curious what Beatrix and other ladies have to say about it, too!), as well as one with classical music training- and how that informs what I do as part of such a DIY, experimentation-driven scene; thoughts on the music business and rise of the indies, the explosion of music in the world of the internet and what it means for artists, labels, and copyright… It is a brave, new, ever-interesting world, and I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to talk about it a little more.

later gators

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