february is going fast

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s going to be March next week already. February has been full of stuff!

The Spark festival was fantastic, as always. It simultaneously makes me happy to live in such a great creative community and like I’m really not doing enough to contribute to it. I spent a lot of my Spark at the Bedlam Theatre, where, embarrassingly, I hadn’t been since they changed venues. Their newer space is fantastic– bar, food, a main stage and a lounge, plus overflow space upstairs and a smoking deck! The sound system was great; it had been a while since I really pushed bass into the floor and it was really fun. (Getting a cheer for manipulating a cutoff filter sweep slowly from belly-rumble to audible range will always make me really happy.) I also had folks dancing. As I was the main room opener on a cold Wednesday night, that was likewise awfully satisfying. I’m having a lot of fun with newer, more beat-driven tracks.

Last night I played for What She Said to benefit the female slam poet champs’ trip to Detroit for the Women Of The World slam. It was a good time. Good poetry and good beer. I also won a few pounds of nice coffee at the silent auction, so I will be kept in caffeine for a while, hooray! Thanks so much to everyone who came out.

March looks more empty for the time being, which is good- I’ll be busy planning and scheming. Tour ideas are sprouting in my head, so please let me know if you think you’ve got a town I need to visit.

It is snowing like mad today. My evening commitments were canceled due to dangerous driving conditions, which instead makes tonight a night full of pizza and documentary-watching. I can’t wait. I leave you with a favorite from one of the late great Minneapolis band Trip Shakespeare:

It’s coming down…

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