These articles were posted online, back to back, by friends of mine who have never met and are quite different from one another in terms of age and background and geography. It is fun to me how much they can relate. What makes art “good” or “bad”, and what can happen contextually when it mashes up with a movement? Punk rock and “new media” are similarly paradoxical in ways I haven’t considered.

This is interesting food for thought as someone interested in both Sterling’s sci-fi literature and the trajectories of “New Media”. I’ll be chewing on that one for a while.

And I find this interesting as a look back. While I shared the author’s fear of alcohol and drugs in my teens, and I’ll still enjoy some hardcore punk, it was never much part of a larger community or movement for me. I never thought of myself as straightedge. (And, well, I’d always, and still, take the Dead Kennedys over Minor Threat or 7 Seconds in a heartbeat.)

I’ve now reached my limit for scare quotes. Until next week…


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