AoV 3

The opening was fabulously attended and fantastic, if a bit overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who made it out! Everyone involved through the whole process- the artists, directors, mentors, critique panelists, all the staff and volunteers at the Soap Factory- have been great to work with. While the slow return of a more normalized, post-opening existence brings a certain relief, I will be genuinely sad to see such a focused-yet-experimental and motivating group environment come to a close. Thinking about projects I can delve into while I still feel some momentum.

A short photo summary – thanks to Dane McFarlane for the images.

My installation, Status Update

Drew Anderson’s Near the Ghosts of Sugarloaf

Mike Hoyt’s PoHo Posit

Anthony Tran’s Wire Less

Aaron Westre’s City Fight! 

(In this photo it’s my first game, against its creator. I did better than I expected!)